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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Universal Languages Translator Widget

Give your site visitors to access your Blogger's content in up to 11 additional languages, automatically does on the fly for you. What do you need to do is just telling the widget your Blogger's content in which language and will provide your visitors with another 11 languages to convert to.

As for now, supported languages are :
English,Dutch,French,German,Greek,Italian,Portuguese,Russian,Spanish,Chinese Simplified,Chinese Traditional,Japanese and Korean.

It make use of Free Babel Fish Service from With it, your visitor can browse your site's content comfortably in their native language and you only need to write your content in 1 language from those 11 supported languages as mentioned.

Screenshot translation in Chinese & French:



Install this Widget now instantly (without Registration) here

Or if you are using Old Blogger, you can copy and paste below HTML source code to your web pages:
<!--- langbased is a parameter you need to pass in. It is to let BabelFish Altavista Translation know in which language your website (blog) is based on (English, French, Chinese, Italian etc) to ensure this service will provide proper available languages for translation.
langbased=[lang], which supported lang can be:
english for English
french for French
german for German
dutch for Dutch
spanish for Spanish
italian for Italy
greek for Greek
russian for Russian
portuguese for Portuguese
chinesetrad for Chinese Traditional
chinesesimplified for Chinese Simplified
korean for Korean
japanese for Japanese
Visit our forum at if you still do not understand--->
<script src="" language="javascript">

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Fortune God 2008 (福神)

A cute template :)
Download here
For you who is interested to know the translation:
These seven fortune gods will bring good fortune to you.

Just forward to all your friends that you want to wish, and your dream will =ome true!


Remember always smile happily and good fortune will follow you.

............ 幸福 .... 跟隨你左右! May happiness always be your side!
.... 煩惱 =......... 隨風而遠逝! May worries …… follow the wind and be blown away! With best wishes